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Butter Emporium takes pride in our individually wrapped butter portions.

Assuring that each of our butter portions is of the best of qualities, our individually wrapped butter portions are made with:


  • 100% Unsalted Butter
  • USDA "AA" Grade Butter
  • Kosher OUD
  • NO Hormones or Fillers
  • Butter Type: Unsalted
  • Portion Size: .75 Oz
  • Portions Per Box: You can select  75,100, 200, 300, 400, 500

I.W Unsalted Butter Medallions

  • We ensure that each of our butter portions arrives in optimal quality condition and we ship our wrapped butter portions frozen. Every order is shipped in an insulated cooler with ice gel packs.

    Shipping information per box of 50 portions:​​

    • Box Net Weight: 2.4 lb

    • Box Gross Weight: 3.5 lb

    Shipping information per box of 75 portions:​​

    • Box Net Weight: 3.5 lb 

    • Box Gross Weight: 4.5 lb 

    Shipping information per box of 100 portions:​​

    • Box Net Weight: 4.7 lb 

    • Box Gross Weight: 5.5 lb 

  • We suggest storing the unopened butter portions frozen and once you're ready to serve, place them in the refrigerator for 2 hours before consumption to allow the butter flavor to develop at 36°F to 40°F and serve chilled. 

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