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Photo Butter

We'll cheers to that.

"Special" is defined as something better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual. Take butter to the next step at your special event by showcasing what is special to you. it would be our pleasure to depict your definition of special. The process is simple, just upload your favorite photo then we will scale and fit it onto our medallions and send you a preview of what it will look like. Each Wrapper is perfectly made to fit a .75 oz butter portion, individually wrapped, and sold in sets of 100 to fit up to 400 portions per cooler. Each photo butter portion can be fully customized with no printing limitations. Once your photo is approved, we will begin the process of spreading what is special to you on what is special to us.


Capture the moment.

Savor the memory.

Wedding Party
wedding photo butter.png

Capturing Love

baby moment butter .png

Capturing Smiles

anniversary love.png

Capturing Memories

graduation moment butter .png

Capturing Milestones

Step 1

We start with our .75 oz luxurious unsalted butter medallion

IMG_0264 copy.png

Our Quality Butter,


Step 2

Once you submit your photo, we will create a custom wrapper for your approval


Upload your favorite Photo

Step 3

Your photo is printed on our wrappers and shipped out to you 


Enjoy Your Photo On our Butter

Start Customizing
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